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Works up to 2009

Spinning Hearts (2009)
For Homopolar Sound Generators and large ensemble. The Homopolar Sound Generator draws on the idea of the tonewheel, the world's simplest motor and light controlled sound. Written for collaboration between the Dirty Electronics Ensemble and Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Piece for n Amplifiers (2009) (ensemble/pedagogical)
Variation on Piece for Sixteen Amplifiers with additional event score and prescribed processes.

Speakers & Mirrors (2009)
For multiple mirrors, loudspeakers and amps, and Mac laptops with iSight camera. Speakers & Mirrors explores the idiosyncrasies of the laptop and the idea of computer as instrument, and the physical/human relationship with digital technology. Each performer has a mirror in one hand and a loudspeaker with miniature amplifier in the other. A feedback loop is generated and controlled by moving the loudspeaker towards and away from the computer's internal microphone. The mirrors are used in a similar way to the loudspeakers, where placing the mirror in relation to the iSight camera creates video feedback. Additional processing, such as the pixilation and saturation of the image and filtering of the audio feedback, is done in Max/MSP and Jitter. All computers are networked to enable a projected split-screen collective image.

Fluorescent RFI, Speakers & Mirrors, and Zircular performed by the Dirty Electronics Ensemble, Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, 27.3.09.

Fluorescent RFI (2009)
For flickering light bulbs, 4049 study and radios.

Print Music (2009)
Copper touch plate/etching, ink, roller, paper, projection and Kreepback. The idea for this piece came about through discussions with Alexis Parra about also using copper touch plates, such as the Automatiscer, as etchings for art work. Work in progress.

Zircular (2008)
For any number of Zirculars. Small self-contained oscillators with a loudspeaker and light are swung around the performers' heads. All the instruments are tuned to the same pitch, but have different length strings to create varying rotation speeds. The moving loudspeaker causes a Doppler effect, and, when the instruments are combined, microtonal pitch variations, beating and difference tones are produced. This piece is based on an idea explored by Gordon Monahan in Speaker Swinging, and inspired by the Lesley rotating loudspeaker.

Square Wave (2008)
For any number of Sudophones. Square Wave takes the idea of the Mexican wave combined with the opening and closing of the Sudophone's tin can resonator with the hand. The gestures of the performers' hands resemble the Mexican wave. Published in Nine Easy Pieces for the Sudophone.

Crackle Wig (2008)
Hairdryer, interactive tinsel wig and Tom Bug's Weevil.

Suite to 08 (2008) (live electronics and piano)
Development of and additions to Suite for Piano and Electronics (2002). A live electronic version of the original second movement. Large homemade springs are attached to specific piano strings and attached to plates with contact microphones. The signals from the springs generated by the vibrating piano strings are feed into the Kreepback system. No. 3. Duo for piano and modulated low frequencies. Suite to 08 was premiered at the Purcell Rooms, Southbank Centre, London, 2008.

Shallow Train (2008) (electroacoustic)
A long-take Kreepback improvisation provided the initial starting point for the piece. In Shallow Train there is a deliberate attempt to retain performance gestures and enable the listener to hold on to particular musical voices within the piece. Clarity of voice, and exploring the idiosyncrasies of the instrument and performer are central to the piece ... Shallow Train is intended to be quiet, very quiet. As the title suggests, something is beneath the surface. Musically, this surface is only occasionally broken.

The Chain (2008) (Sudophone/ensemble)
Two groups of performers stand in two large circles. A Sudophone should be placed between two performers of each circle, one holding the bolt, the other the tin. Create a circuit/chain by holding hands … Published in Nine Easy Pieces for the Sudophone.

Sudobeans I (2008) (Sudofuzz)
For Sudofuzz, prepared glass 'beanslide' and baked beans (for one or two performers). Premier for Vivid Flummoxed event, Birmingham. Download event score (pdf).

Piece for Candles (2008)
Interactive piece for candles, fan and feedback. Based on previous piece Night of the Waxworks performed at OT301, Amsterdam, 2006.

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