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Futuresonic Festival, Cornerhouse Cinema, Manchester, 14.11.01 Sand, Terminus Project (live performance to specially commissioned films)

Test, Glasgow Art School, Glasgow, 2.11.01 Sand (PRSF Live Connections)

Arnolfini Cinema, Bristol, 21.10.01 Sand, Terminus Project (live performance to specially commissioned films)

City Screen, Sightsonic Festival, York, 21.10.01 Preecha

Fierce Performance Festival, Custard Factory, Birmingham, 2.6.01 Sand with the Chicks on Speed and film maker Ravi Deepris

Logos Foundation, Gent, Belgium, 12.4.01 kREEPA, Song of Adam (Song Cycle)

Paeztold Concert Series, Werkstattkonzert, Konzertsaal, Ebenhofen, Germany, 18.2.01 kREEPA, Song of Adam (Song Cycle)


nerve 8, Leicester Guildhall, Guildhall Lane Leicester, 17.10.00 Song Cycle

291 Gallery, Hackney Road, Hackney, London, 6.5.00 nerve8/various

Audio Inn, Volksoper, Vienna, Austria, 5.4.00 Sand

Exhibition for Electronic Music, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria, 2-4.4.00 Sand


nerve8, Collaborations, University College Scarborough, Scarborough, 19.10.99 Harmonium, Sounds of Music

York Contemporary Arts Festival, York Arts Centre, York, 15.6.99 Harmonium

European Dance Development Centre, Arnhem, Netherlands, 9.4.99 Dithyrambix (with Hilary Jeffery)

nerve8, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 24.3.99 Harmonium


nerve8, Late Music Festival, Hospitium, Museum Gardens, York, 2.11.98 Sounds of Music, Polterabend, Clop

First Symposium on Music and Computers, Ionian University, Corfu, 23.10.98 Bon Voyage

Colourscape, Museum Gardens, York, 14.8.98 Mask

nerve8, St Sampson's Centre, York, 25.6.98 Bon Voyage, Sounds of Music

30 Years of Electronic Music at the University of York, York, 1.5.98 Bon Voyage


Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, 20.11.97 Mask (B-format)

Late Music Festival, York Arts Centre, York, 18.11.97 Mask

Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany, 20.5.97 Klang WeltKarte (contribution to Thomas Gerwin's sound installation)

MediaMix, Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York. 16.5.97 Dithyrambix (with Hilary Jeffery)

University of York New Music Group, Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York, 7.3.97 Discoverie of Witchcraft

Discoveries 97- 98, Northern College, Aberdeen, -.2.97 Discoverie of Witchcraft

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