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Select reviews/interviews up until 2013

Dazed & Confused, June 2013

Dirty Electronics intetrview the Wire #335, Jan 2012

Supersonic Zine feature

Interview with Nick Zurlo ATTN magazine

John Richards interview Koumaria Residency 2011

Dirty Electronics interview at Goettelborn Coalmine for XMLab Saarbrucken, Germany

"The finale is introduced as 'Piece for touchplate, ink and music' and John proceeds to spread ink onto an etched plate, a process that generates at first subtle, then fearsome noise as he takes a roller to it ... I left feeling like I'd witnessed an unexpectedly inspirational and enjoyable happening." GEMdays, Huddersfield, 2008. monoculartimes, D. Konstrukt.

"The highlight for me was John Richards's "Piece for Sparklers & Dirty 'Dutch' Feedbacker" - a new piece - which involved creating sound from heat/light sensors attached to candles. The electrical hums, buzzes and crackles are controlled through the lighting, burning and blowing out of candles, to create a sort of audio-visual, electrical/heat-light sound composition." Ben Neal - Got Flummoxed! 2008

"Richards grappled with his kreepback machine - a loop generating device of his own invention - chucking out extreme sounds. It was a fitting finale." Wire, issue 265, March 2006

"High levels of intuitive organisation run alongside the urge for discovery, as can be heard from the striking spontaneous arrangement on Kreepa of Walter Fabeck's piano and computer, Hilary Jeffery's tromboscillator, John Richards's kreepaback instrument and Cesar Villavicencio's e-recorder." Wire, June 2004

"The work grows tighter and denser as parts mesh together. Solos peel off as the music finds it's dark fluid core to the close. Man with music machines in a dissonant and divergent kind of harmony." Phil Avery (for underkurrent event), 2004

"Many of the artists on this year's [Supersonic] bill defied categorisation altogether. These included Black Galaxy vs Kreepa, a Midlands collective of reformed thrash metalheads who were able to produce improvised potent instrumental hybrids of dub reggae, jazz and ear-bleeding noise." Times, July, 2005

"Considering it is almost 80 degrees, there are very few occassions when we venture out of the sun and into one of the side stages. However, Black Galaxy Vs Kreepa are one of those times. Featuring Nicholas Bullen, one of the founders of the mighty Napalm Death, this is chaos at it's most intriguing. A theatre full of people watch on in amazement as the man responsible for creating 'grindcore' takes sonic carnage to another level." Planet Loud, July 2005

"John Richards … in his Kreepa guise … concentrates on homemade electronics, using a box with four large black dials that produced immediate hands-on scunches." Wire, issue 259, September 2005

"Layered glacial sound slithered out of the stage's sound system, sometimes nauseatingly uncomfortable . . . other times staggeringly beautiful and very powerful." Zero Tolerance, issue #001, 2004

"Free Jazz for/from Aliens post Sun Ra?" Skug (Vienna) October 2002