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For Dirty Electronics see

Charge - Discharge


qwyetkar - with Christopher Hobbs (of AMM and the Scratch Orchestra) (all)

Dirty Electronics Pioneers of Electronic Music mix

Wire exclusive - Mute Synth

John Richards on nonclassical (excerpts)

Glass Demon - with Tim Wright/sevenlegspider (excerpt)
For Glass Fragments with Saburo Teshigawara and KARAS, International Dance Festival, Birmingham, 15.5.08 and 16.5.08

Heyfabio - with Maja Ratkje (all)
Improvisation with Norway's noise queen

Cick - with Nic Bullen (excerpt)

Improvisation with Garth Paine (excerpt)

kREEPA, inside-a-sekt, Boiled Hen - with Paul Dunmall (excerpt)

kREEPA: Underkurrent 2004 (excerpt)
A live on-air jam from the Resonance FM studio in London with John Richards' Kreepback instrument with accompanying Insekt Synth sounds from Hilary Jeffery.

Mincemeat, kREEPBACK, Monium, mon005, 2006 (excerpt)
Doctor of noise John Richards (Kreepa/Sand) delivers another salvo from his 'Dirty Electronics' manifesto. Electronic modulations and damaged circuit voodoo from the Kreepback instrument coerced by a meatmincer. Released as a 3” CD and post-card on Nic Bullen’s (ex-Napalm Death/Scorn) label monium.