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Kreepback Instrument (in use until 2003)

The kreepback instrument is an assemblage of self-built sound generating devices and discarded analogue audio hardware patched together to create a feedback labyrinth: in its hermetically sealed universe, sound creeps back on itself. Found objects such as meat mincers, candlesticks, wooden sculptures and teapots are all used to steer and control the feedback. Since 2001 the instrument has gone through various stages of development. Download article on the Kreepback instrument (also available from STEIM).

Sudofuzz (Merztin) and Sudofuzz2
The Sudofuzz is a collision of oscillators, feedback networks and distortion, housed in a junk tin with bolt and coin electrode-controllers. The Sudofuzz (aka Merztin) was specially designed for a collaborative project between Masami Akita, Merzbow, and the twenty-five piece strong Dirty Electronics Ensemble. The Sudofuzz2 is a variation on the instrument for workshops.

4049 Studies, Dirty Dutch Feedbaker, Found Noise Generator
A series of sound generating devices that use the CMOS 4049 IC. These devices are modular and are used with different controller objects. Often built in the Dirty Electronics Workshop.

An evolved sound object that also exploits the mechanical properties of a meat mincer. The turning mechanism is used as a switch, and contact microphones capture the sound of the mincing. Used with Red LFO. Artwork 2006 (also available as a post-card, JR). Download article on the Mincer - Leonardo (LEA) website.

The Sudophone is played by gripping one of the bolts, whilst the other hand cups the opening of the tin to produce a harmon-like mute effect. Squeezing the bolts and tin changes the pitch of the instrument through using the conductivity of the human body. The Sudophone is the original in the family of Sudophone instruments. This family includes the: Sudofuzz, Sudo-mini, Sudoglue (deadbug version), and DILdo (solderless DIL socket construction).