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Nodewebba Version Archive

Older builds of Nodewebba

Version = 0.04 (March 18, 2015)

  • New Features
    * ReWire Sync to external sequencer
    * Bars/Beats/Ticks display
  • Fixes
    * MIDI device names now stored with presets, rather than device-menu item number (so device should restore correctly even if the system MIDI configuration changes)
    * MIDI device refresh refreshes the list in the interface for each node, as well as the MIDI controllers interface.
    * wrapping of node state corrected: returns 0 rather than 1 when given a -1
    * changed selected-preset color to be more visible
    * help text for 'controller learned' light in MIDI Control window corrected

Version 0.03 (Dec 28, 2015)

  • bug fix: GUI should consistently appear now

Version 0.02b for Mac, built with Max 7.0 (May 2015) -- seems broken on El Capitan

Version 0.02 (May 2014)

bug fix: tempo no longer reverts to 120 bpm when play is enabled; added user-control of humanisation functions; main play button now triggers reseed for nodes; minor GUI adjustments

Version 0.011 (Sep 2013)