bret battey • bat hat media


The Five
The Five (2015)
vibraphone + responsive audiovisuals
Game of Hymns
Game of Hymns (2015)
live remix improvisation for ensemble
Triptych Unfolding
Triptych Unfolding (2014)
piano + electronics + live video
Tofail performing
Khyal Gesture Mapping (in progress)
performance gesture mapped to visuals
Clonal Colonies
Clonal Colonies (2011)
ensemble + video + sound
Sinus Aestum
Sinus Aestum (2009)
video + sound
Lacus Temporis
Lacus Temporis (2008)
video + sound
Mercurius (2007)
video + sound
Autarkeia Aggregatum
Autarkeia Aggregatum (2005)
video + sound
cMatrix10 / cMatrix12
cMatrix10 / cMatrix12 (2004/2009)
video + sound installation
Varanasi Galli
Varanasi Galli (2004)
curvaceous pitch etude
Quilcene Terpsichore
Quilcene Terpsichore (2003)
short for the Trimpin Klavier Nonette
Retrocoagulant Vox
Retrocoagulant Vox (2001)
trombone + electroacoustic sound
Uroborous (2000)
video + sound installation
Writing on the Surface
Writing on the Surface (2000)
video + sound
Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion
Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion (1998)
flute + electroacoustic sound
On the Presence of Water
On the Presence of Water (1997)
video + sound
Distance, Dance, Discern
Distance, Dance, Discern (1996)
bassoon + electroacoustic sound
The High Tech Juggling Jukebox
The High Tech Juggling Jukebox (1994)
hybrid performance installation
Triangle of Nichomachus
Triangle of Nichomachus (1989)
indeterminate score for pitched instruments