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Estuaries 2

video + sound (2017)


Estuaries 2 is the second of my “Estuaries” audio-visual series, which can be viewed as a series of standalone works or ultimately as one large, multi-movement work.

Randomly dispersed, spinning forms dialog with grid-based logic to create continual flow and rapid transformations.

The “Estuaries” series involves visualizing Nelder-Mead optimization, a process used by mathematicians to find solutions to complex, multi-variable problems that cannot be addressed by solving equations. We see the results of many such routines searching for the brightest points in a source image. The music was created with my Nodewebba software, which interlinks pattern generators to create complex emergent behaviours.

Technical Details

I created the visual material with a custom plug-in for Apple’s Motion 5 video effects software, working in 4k resolution. The connection between the sound and the image was created almost entirely manually — the relationship is not algorithmic.

Presentation Details

Duration: 05:45
Original format: 4k 30 fps Quicktime Lossless, stereo (96kHz, 24 bit)


  • Feb, 2017 - Visible Bits Audible Bytes, Phoenix Cinema, Leicester, UK [Premiere]